tom_image_grid, plugin for Textpattern CMS

tom_image_grid, plugin for Textpattern CMS

tom_image_grid est un plugin pour Textpattern 4.6.* CMS qui ajoute une interface utilisateur plus compact (sous forme de grille) de la liste des images.

Le plugin ajoute 2 boutons dans l’onglet image de votre console d’administration vous permettant de basculer de l’affichage standard en lignes vers un affichage plus compact en grille.

Pour Textpattern 4.5.*, téléchargez la version 0.3.

tom_image_grid is a plugin for Textpattern 4.6.* CMS. It allows a more compact display (as a grid) of the images list.

The plugin adds two buttons in the Image Tab of your back-office allowing you to switch from the standard display to a more compact grid display.

For Textpattern 4.5.*, download version 0.3.



18 sept 2017, v0.4.2
Compatibility with other plugins that use .txp-listtables element in images tab and modify image_ui extend_controls (as smd_thumbnail). Thanks to Bloke and etc.
Some CSS and SVG optimisations.
12 sept 2016, v0.4
For Textpattern 4.6.* only.
4 avril 2015, v0.3
compatibility with bot_image_upload plugin.
add a visual grey bloc if a image doesn’t have thumbnail.
20 mai 2014, v0.2
prefix for functions and cookie name.
12 mai 2014, Initial release